Magento 2 Affiliate extension from Mageplaza is the greater choice than ever if you want to build an Affiliate program that is crazy enough to drive traffic and sales increase promptly, get qualified leads, and also enhance your brand awareness. Our Affiliate program allows you to pay affiliates amount of commissions

Mageplaza Affiliate User Guide will provide the detailed instructions to know How to use on the frontend and How to Config on the backend.

How to Use

After installing Affilliate module, Affiliate link is available on the footer of your site. Click on the link and go to Affiliate Home Page.

Affiliate Home Page

Affiliate Home Page is already setup with CMS Block including Welcome Message and How does Affiliate Program work? If you want to change the text, it is possible to edit from the backend. In addition, all of active Affiliate Program will be displayed on the Affiliate Home Page.

Look at the left panel on the page, the customer can sign up to become an affiliate.

  • For registered customers:
  • For new customers:

My Credit Page

Each affiliate can manage every credit information such as available balance, holding balance, total earned, and total paid and all transactions related to the account are listed in detail.

Refer Friend Page

Affiliate module by Mageplaza allows affiliate refer friends via referral url, code and email.

Just insert friends’ email address together with message to send invitation instantly on Refer Friend page.

My Withdrawal Page

From Affiliate account, send withdrawal request to admin as much as he need.

Mageplaza Affiliate supports offline payment and Paypal payment for the withdrawal. Each created withdrawal will be saved and managed in Withdraw History. Let follow its status to know where the request is in the progress.

Affiliate Settings Page

Mark the box to register Affiliate Subcription.

How to Configure

General Configurations

Login to Magento Admin, Affiliate > Settings.

  • To apply Affiliate module for your store, set Enable to “Yes”.
  • In the Cookie Expiration field, enter the number of days to store cookies of this program. If skip it, the default (365) is used, that means Lifetime Commissions can be active.
  • Allow overriding cookies field enables to override Affiliate code when a customer is referred by many Affiliates.

If allowing, enter number “1” into the field. In contrast, insert “0”
  • Select CMS Static Block for the content of the following options
    • Affiliate Welcome homepage
    • Affiliate FAQ page
    • Affiliate Getting Started
  • To make your Affiliate policy visible on the storefront, set Display Policy Page to “Yes”.
  • Choose “Top Link” or “Footer Link” where Affiliate link appears in the Show Affiliate link on box.
  • Set Affiliate Discount Label to the desired label on your site.

Custom Affiliate URL
  • Apply “Hash” or “Parameter” for URL Style
  • Enter the letter for the customization of Affiliate URL.
  • Set The Length of Affiliate code that is between 3 and 32 characters. The default value including 6 characters is always available.

Account Configuration

Related to Affiliate Accounts, you can configure Affiliate Registration, Terms and Conditions Display and Affiliate Account Balance.

  • Under Affiliate Sign up part, you can:
    • To create a new account on your site at the same time when he registers as an Affiliate, set Embed customer signup fields in Affiliate signup form to “Yes”.
    • Choose Default Affiliate Group from the current Affiliate groups.
    • Ask for admin’s approval to complete the Affiliate sign up process by choosing “Yes” in the Require admin’s approval field.
    • In the Checked “Email notification” by default” field, if Yes, “Email notification” auto checked by default
  • Scorll down to Affiliate Sign up-Term and Condition part.
    • Enable Terms and Conditions on the storefront.
    • Enter the checkbox text that is in the right of Terms and Conditions checkbox.
    • Enter Terms and Conditions Title.
    • Select CMS Block for Terms and Conditions Content.
    • The Terms and Conditions checkbox is marked already if set Checkbox is checked by default to “Yes”.
  • Continuing with Account Balance part, and do the following:
    • Enter the Maximum of Affiliate Balance, and if Affiliate reach the milestone, none of commission is added. Leave empty or zero is no limitation.
    • If Affiliate’s account balance is not enough to taking back commission, allow the balance be negative number by choosing “Yes” in the respective field.

Email Configuration

  • Choose Email Sender whose name will appear on the email notification.

You can send the email notification when there is any update of Affiliate Account, Transaction, and Withdrawal.

  • Go to the Account Email section:
    • Enable Send Welcome Email
    • Set Welcome Email to the needed template.
    • Set Welcome Email After Account Approved to the available template that is sent instead of welcome email, after approving account.
  • Go to the Transaction Email section
    • Enable Send Transaction Email
    • Choose the template for Update Balance Email
  • Go to Withdrawal Email section
    • Enable Send Withdrawal Email
    • Choose the template for Withdrawal Complete Email

Refer Friends Configuration

  • Set Enable Refer Friends Feature to “Yes”
  • Insert the referral link in the Default Refer Url.

This link will be displayed in My Account/My Affiliate/Refer tab. If empty, the default homepage url will be used.

  • Select CMS Block to show Affiliate Welcome homepage content
  • Make Affiliate Welcome homepage content appear on “Category Page” or “Product Page” depending on your purpose.
  • To remind Affiliates to fill captcha before sending the referral email, set “Yes” for Enable Captcha for Sending Email.
  • Set Refer Sharing Email to the email template as you need.
  • Use AddThis button for more referrals by enter the ID. If empty, default Public AddThis ID “ra-56e141d56e895f5c” will be used.
  • To allow importing email address from theirs accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live, AOL, Outlook and more…, set Use Cloudsponge to retrieve email contacts to “Yes”.
  • In the Sending Email Content, you can create the invitation content that is ready to send to recipients, including:
    • Default Email Subject
    • Default Email Body
    • Default Message Shared via Social

Withdrawal Configuration

  • Set Allow withdrawal request to “Yes”.
  • Active the Payment Method that allow paying commissions via Paypal or Banks.
  • Set The minimum balance in affiliate account for requesting withdrawal to a specific number. If the account balance is less than the required value, the withdrawal is not allowed.
  • Enter Minimum withdrawal amount and Maximum withdrawal amount per withdrawal.
  • Not calculate tax for the withdrawal request when selecting “No” in the Apply tax for withdrawal field.
  • Set the interval for Allow affiliates to cancel withdrawal request within.

Manage Affiliate Accounts

Create Affiliate Account

  • Login to Magento Admin, Affiliate > Accounts.

  • Click on Add New Account button, be navigated to the Account Information page. Then do the following to complete a new Affiliate account.

  • In the Choose Customer field, tap the down arrow and select one of the existing customer from the list .

  • Enter Affiliate email or ID who refers to customers in the Referred By field to plus commissions to his account. If not, leave it empty.

  • Set Status to Active for the account.

  • Allow receiving Email Notification if choosing Yes for that.

  • Tap Save to complete or Save and Continue Edit if you want to edit any information.

Assign to Affiliate Group

After adding the new Affiliate accounts, store admin can manage them in the Accounts Management grid.

  • On the grid, find the Affiliate account needed to assign and open the Edit mode.

  • Choose the Affiliate group to assign. By the default, “General” is chosen.

Add Affiliate Group

On the Admin Panel, go to Affiliate > Groups.

  • Click on Add new groups button

  • Complete Name of the new group

  • Set Status to “Enabled”

  • Tap Save Group on the upper-right corner

Manage Affiliate Campaigns

Login to Magento Admin, Affiliate > Campaigns.

It is necessary to go over four tabs: “Campaign Information”, “Conditions”, “Discounts”, and “Commissions”.

  • In the Campaign Information section, do the following:
    • Set Name for the campaign and write Description for that if need.
    • Assign to Affiliate Groups who the campaign applies for.
    • Choose Website and the display positions on the website
    • This is not required but you can set the active time in the Active From Date and Active To Date` field for the better management. You can use “Calendar” icon or insert manually.
    • Set Sort Order in the list of Affiliate campaign.
  • In the Conditions section,

    • The short message If ALL of these conditions are TRUE is visible for you, and especially, you can customize the message when click on ALL and TRUE link.
      • Click on the ALL link, “ALL” and “ANY” options are available.
      • Click on the TRUE link, “TRUE” and “FALSE” options are available.
    • Tap the “Add Conditions” icon, and the campaign is enabled if all conditions are met.

    For example, Affiliate program is active if Affiliate creates an order that includes 3 items in the cart.

  • Continuing with Discounts section, you will give some utilities to customers who make a purchase via Affiliate link.
    • Set Apply to the needed type of discount, including:
      • Percent of product price discount
      • Fixed amount discount
      • Fixed amount discount for whole cart
      • Buy X get Y free
    • Enter Discount Amount field. For example, insert number 5 for 5% discount.
    • Enter Discount Qty Step (Buy X) and Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to as you need.
    • If you want to discount for shipping amount, set Apply to Shipping Amount to “Yes”.
    • Enable Free Shipping by choosing “Yes” for that
    • Leave some Discount Description if necessary.
  • Finally, Commissions tab allows store admin to set “Pay Per Sale” promotion.
    • Click on Add button to create tiers and set commission rule for that.
    • Choose type and value of commission in the 1st order and the next orders. You can set them to the same or separated option depending on your strategy.
    • Enable to add unlimited tiers and delete any tiers you need when tapping Delete button in the same row.
    • On the Admin Panel, go to Affiliate > Settings, open Commissions Configuration section,
      • To allow calculating commissions from tax and shipping fee, set Earn commission from tax and Earn commission from shipping fee to “Yes”.
      • Under Commission calculation process part,
        • To require to create the invoice before Affiliate receives commissions, select “Yes” for Allow Affiliate receiving commission when Invoice created.
        • Insert the days for Hold commission transactions for. If empty or zero, transaction is not held.
        • To allow getting back commission when the order using the commission to pay is cancelled,set Deduct commission from Affiliate’s balance when order is refunded/canceled to “Yes”.

When complete all, tap Save to apply the new Affiliate program or click on Save and Continue Edit to adjust any information.

Manage Affiliate Withdraws

Create new Affiliate Withdraw

  • Login to Magento Admin, Affiliate > Withdraws.
  • Click on Add New Withdrawal button.
  • Choose an affiliate account to create a withdrawal
  • Under Withdrawal Configuration section,
    • Enter the number of the withdrawal that includes fee into Amount field.
    • Enter the fee for the withdrawal if have. If empty, the configuration value is used.
    • Choose one of two available payment methods: Offline Payment or Paypal Payment.
  • Under Payment Detail section,
  • If select Offline Payment, fill out Address to receive.
  • If select Paypal Payment, enter Paypal Email and Transaction ID.

Manage Affiliate Transaction

Create new Affiliate Transaction

  • Login to Magento Admin, Affiliate > Transaction.

  • Click on Add new transaction button.

  • Choose an affiliate account for the new transaction.

  • Under Transaction Information section,

    • Enter the number into Amount field that might be adding or subtract affiliate’s balance.
    • Set Title for the transaction.
    • Enter the holding days into Holding Transaction for field.

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