Having the newest insights of your store will never be easier, Magento 2 Reports is crafted as a reliable analyzing tool which assembles and performs your business operations onto easy-to-understand line charts. Thus, by keeping track precise collected data will definitely help you assess your business/campaign/program and flexibly adapt to new situations quickly.

In this extension, all the reports will use line graphs, which are fond of showing data variables and factors clearly. Advanced reports will be executed after scanning all sales records, display each of a specific variable into a line then perform its movement corresponding scanned records. Besides that, this module also helps store owners manage and follow the growth rate or the decreasing rate compared with the same period last month, last year, etc.

Download & Install

*Note: Magento 2 Reports can be used with multiple stores. Multiple stores module:
- This extension is applied to multiple stores.
- Stores are set the default as the Default Configuration.
- To change the configuration for each store, need to remove tick at Use Website on the right of each option.
- Config of the extension in each store will be applied in the store itself.
- Config in this store doesn't affect the config in the other store.

How to config

Login to the Magento admin panel, choose Store > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Reports


Follow the following guide to complete Reports configuration.

1. General Configuration


  • In the Module Enable field: Choose Yes to enable this module.
  • In the Enable Chart field: Select Yes to show the graph.
  • In the Enable Compare field: select Yes to display the comparison.

2. Display outside the dashboard

After the configuration is completed, you will get the result displayed as the following image:

configuration result

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