SEO Page Analysis


Checking results is one of the final step when you’ve done all the good SEO stuff for your site, specially the structure data - the protagonist when comes to being indexed by search engine crawlers. Taking Meta Title, Description or Keywords into their account, search spiders use a lot of algorithms to evaluate whether it's good content or not, and it's hard to keep up with the algorithms they're using everyday. In conclusion, there's no other way, but you have to follow their rules.

Mageplaza Page Analysis will help SEO executors, especially to new Magento’s users, gather some most important factors and notify how your metadata should be, to implement SEO’s performance effortlessly.

How it works

Page Analysis will assist you on marking which and how to perform the structured data is the best for SEO progress. Take a look how it works by this example.


How to configure

It has only one basic general configuration to enable/disable. Choose “Yes” to turn the Page Analysis function on by following this path Mageplaza > SEO: Page Analysis seo7

Go to Products > Catalog > choose a product.


Then, expand Search Engine Optimization tab.


This field allows the users can edit and see visually how the structured data will be displayed in the Search Engine Result Pages.

  • Add the Meta Title.
  • Add the URL Key`.
  • Insert the Meta Description.

Below the Meta Title and Meta Description field, there is a bar which notices the status of the text length.

  • Orange: The text length is short and not good for SEO.
  • Green: The text length is good for SEO.


After inserting the content on the other Main Keyword field, the system will automatically check and show the analysis. The analysis is based on:

  • The Main keyword.
  • The Meta title, URL Key, Meta Description content.
  • The Description and Short Description content on the Content tab.
  • The Product Image's description.