SEO Dashboard Report


Duplicate content can strike fears in SEO executor painfully, not only flagging the duplicate content as spam posts, but also search engine note that pages as a untrustable subject. SEO doesn’t like this.

Metadata posses a critical role in elaborating content of a product. A coherent content for the good SEO progress should include some in-point metadata like Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. SEO likes this.

Another harsh challenge for optimizing your website: the blog post is too short to be entrusted as tenacious works. Providing information pages such as knowledge base posts, walkthrough guide, tutorials contents, should guarantee its reliable quality as well as its detail meticulously. Less than 100-word pages? SEO doesn’t like this.

To make the matters worse, is those pages which have no content at all. But since its URL contains the product keyword, it still can be found in search page results. SEO doesn’t like this either.

How it works

A bunch of above harmful factors you will need to keep your eyes, will be assembled and spotted out by Mageplaza Page Analysis in order to prevent them from affecting to the SEO procedure. It’s time to say goodbye to bottom rankings after all.

This will be installed and placed right in front of your dashboard so that you can check everyday when accessing store’s backend. And here’s some configurations you need to take note to make sure things go well when using this handy plugin.


How to configure

Dashboard Reports will gather and notice you all negative factors are harmful to your sites, which is also decreasing your SEO ranking badly.


  • In Enable/Disablefield: If you want to enable this function, choose “Yes” for the module.
  • In Apply name duplicate report content field: If you enable Dashboard Reports, this module will be added and you can be allowed to configure it now. Select a page you want to apply name duplicate report content (such as product names, category names, page titles)

A new report system will be displayed at the dashboard of your admin backend which is obviously useful for daily checkings. This helpful friend will help you keep track of these pages:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Missing Meta Data
  • Low Count Word
  • 404 Pages