SEO Redirect


As a matter of fact, transferring data is considered to be more perplexing when a domain/address changes causing to the mismatch linking. For instance, deleting a product action is only about you delete the visually existence, but its domain, URLs or backlinks still remains on the search result pages as well as associated contents on the internet. Search crawlers, when comes to give a index visiting your deleted product’s page, surely can’t understand a blank content and this leads to marking NotFound Page™ as untrustable results. Another bad apple for your SEO performance.

Redirection is the most expert recommendation way to solve this unwanted issue. Exhaustively, redirecting will delivery both visitors and search crawlers from the original eliminated link to the new one automatically. So that they will recognize, and credit the brand new information as the true content. Also, if you would like to to push up promoting others product, this new trick will be right up your alley.

Magento 2 SEO Redirect, is developed by Mageplaza, brings this common practice method up to maintain your marvelous SEO value effortlessly. Together with us, let’s a look at how to use this module easily.

How it works

When you delete a product page, the content will disappear but its URL still can be found when a visitor clicks it during their search progress, but they will be navigated to a pre-setup link to learn about the new content.

For a particular example,** Endeavor Daytrip Backpack** is out of stock in my store and I want when customers click the product link, it redirects them to Breathe Easy Tank which another outstanding product I would like to introduce instead of letting them slip my site without finding anything.


Saving time and keep their feet at your place is the precious benefit you can warm for your business. Keep follow us to know how to configure it the backend as well as how to create a new redirect action.

How to configure

General Configuration

At the admin backend, follow Mageplaza > SEO: Configuration. Scroll until Redirect’s general configuration reaches your eyes.


  • In Enable Redirects field: choose “Yes” to allow this function to work.
  • In Better 404 Page field: choose “Yes” if you want all 404 Pages to be redirected to your Homepage.

Create/Edit a redirection

If you want to modify a preferable URLs in redirecting action, when you remove a product in Store > Inventory: Catalog, a pop-up box will appear and ask for the filling information regarding redirect process.


  • In Store field: choose your Store View
  • In New Request field: Which means the new URLs you want to redirect your visitors to.
  • In Redirect Type field: There’re 3 types are available
    • No
    • Temporary (302): Refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirection. It will be noted by Search engines is “Moved Temporarily” or “Found”
    • Permanent (301): the same with Temporary (302) but it will note under different status. It surpasses between 90-99% of link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page so this is the safer way and more recommended to be a good choice.
    • Description: Note your own comment if necessary.

To edit a redirect, at the admin backend, choose Marketing > SEO&Search: URL Rewrite. Click Edit at the end of the product to edit its redirect settings.