How to add custom CMS Static Block in Blog Post

In this guide, we will show you how to add a custom content in Blog post such as: Call to action, promoted banner …

There are few hidden tricks in Mageplza Blog for Magento 2. Here are hidden CMS Static Block:

  • mageplaza_blog_view_under_content : Under Content section
  • mageplaza_blog_view_above_comment : Above Comment section
  • mageplaza_blog_sidebar_above_popular_widget : Above Popular/Recent posts widgets
  • mageplaza_blog_sidebar_above_categories_widget : Above Categories widgets
  • mageplaza_blog_sidebar_above_tags_widget : Above Tags widgets
  • mageplaza_blog_sidebar_under_tags_widget : Under Tags wigets

See this photo:

How to create CMS static block in Magento 2

From Admin panel > Content > Blocks > Add New Block

Then fill the content of block such as Name, idenity, content …

then click on Save and continue

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