Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager is a free Google service to update and control all tags for your site quickly, so Magento extension supports to integrate it into Magento stores helping you improve your load site’s speed. Moreover, it is necessary for you to have good experience about coding because codes there are no requests for that but copying and pasting the available Google Tag code onto every your pages of the website.

Set up in Google
  • Fill out required account information
  • Insert Google Tag Manager code into every page of your site.
  • Get Container ID for setting Magento

Set up in Magento

Login to Magento Admin > Google Tag Manager > Settings
  • Choose Yes to enable the module.
  • Enter Container ID from Google into Google Tag ID field.

Add new Google tags

  • In your Google Tag Manager account, you will create new tags with more 20 tag types.
  • Follow 3 steps including Choose Product, Configure Tag and Fire On for successful Google tags