How to use Instagram Feed Access Token

There are six steps to get Instagram Feed Access Token

Step 1:

  • Create app from here

  • Enter the neccesary information to create app. Click on Create App ID:

Step 2

  • After creating app, click on Settings > Basic > Add Platform

  • Choose Website

  • Enter information to Site URL > Save

Step 3

  • Click on Product and then choose Set Up in Instagram field

  • Display the information of Instagram at the left of screen. Click Basic Display > Create New App

  • There is a field to enter app information, enter app information and then click on Create App

  • There are three more fields of Client OAuth Setting, enter the required information into these fields and click on Save Change

Step 4

  • Go to Roles > roles. In the Instagram Tester field, choose Add Instagram Testers

  • Add username of the account that you want to add before clicking on Submit

  • In the next step, login to the Instagram account that you want to add and click on the cogwheel icon and choose Apps and Websites

  • Click on Tester Invites and Accept

Step 5

  • Go back to App, choose Instagram > Basic Display. In the User Token Generator field, click on Generate Token

  • Display Instagram login requirement, enter your credential and click on Login

  • Click on Authorize

  • Display Instagram Access Token. Click on Copy

Step 6

From the Admin Panel, go to Store > Settings > Configuration > MAGEPLAZA EXTENSIONS > Instagram Feed. Paste the token that you have just copied to User Token.