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How to manage Instagram feed

Once you have done connecting the account and setting up your feeds, it’s important to learn how to manage them. We will guide you on how to add a new feed, activate, deactivate, and delete one.

Go to Mageplaza Instagram Feed > Manage Feed to manage all your Instagram feeds.

Add new feed: click the button to create an Instagram feed.

Edit feeds: Click on any feed to edit and update feed information.

Change feed status: Tick the checkbox of each feed or the Feed name checkbox to select all feeds.

  • Activate: enable the feed status.
  • Deactivate: disable the feed status.
  • Delete: delete the feeds. On the confirmation popup, select Delete to confirm the deletion or Cancel to retain the feed.

Copy Feed ID: Feed IDs are what you need to display the feed block on your theme. To copy them, use one of the two ways below

  • Option 1: On the list, hover and copy the feed ID.

  • Option 2: Go to a feed and copy Feed ID in the settings.

If you want to hide a feed, we would recommend deactivating it rather than deleting it completely. When you deactivate the feed, you can later activate it again but if you delete it, you will have to create from the beginning if you want to recover that feed.