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How to set up Preferences

Here’s how you can manage the app and your Instagram account. Let’s divide it into 3 sections: Account, Display settings, and Resources.

I. Account

1. How to change an Instagram account

Step 1: Access Mageplaza Instagram Feed > Preferences > Accounts.

Step 2: Click on Change account to select a new Instagram account in case you want to integrate the other media.

Step 3: On the confirmation popup, select Yes, I understand and confirm to remove the current account.

Step 4: Sign in to a new Instagram account in the Instagram window and select Allow to accept sharing your account’s information.

And your new account will be displayed in Instagram Connection.

2. How to synchronize Instagram data to Mageplaza Instagram Feed

Access Synchronize data to update data. There are 2 types of data synchronization options to keep your data updated from the Instagram channel.

Auto sync:

  • None: No auto synchronize.
  • Every 3 days: Auto synchronize/update data from social platforms every 3 days.
  • Weekly: Auto synchronize/update data from social platforms every 7 days.

Manual sync: Immediately synchronize/update data from social platforms when clicking the button.

II. App settings

1. App status

This feature allows you to activate the app on the storefront. You can enable the app in 2 ways.

  • Option 1:

    • Select App status > Enable app and you will be redirected to Shopify App embeds.
    • In the Shopify App embeds, activate Mageplaza Instagram Feed application and save the change.
    • Back to the app, you need to click on Refresh status to update the app status.
    • Besides, you can deactivate the app by pressing the Turn off button.
  • Option 2: Select Manage feeds > Create feed > Enable app to show the app in storefront.

2. Republish app

Whenever you switch themes or log in with a different Instagram account, it's important to republish the app to synchronize the settings. From Republish app, click on the Republish button.

This ensures everything functions correctly and the data remains up-to-date with regular refreshes.

III. Resources

If you have any questions related to the Mageplaza Instagram Feed app, please pay attention to our Help Center at the bottom. We have provided helpful information, such as User guides with detailed instructions and illustrations, Frequently Asked Questions, and the link to our Live Chat support.

That’s the final step in installing and using the Instagram Feed app. We hope that our instructions can help you understand the application better. If you still have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.