How to configure Facebook API

Facebook requires that you create an external application linking your website to their API. Application id and secret (also sometimes referred as Consumer key and secret or Client id and secret) are what we call an application credentials. This application will link your website to Facebook API and these credentials are needed in order for Facebook users to access your website.

These credentials may also differ in format, name and content depending on the social network.

To enable authentication with this provider and to register a new Facebook API Application, follow the steps:

Step 2

Login Facebook by click on Login or create a new Facebook account. After that, click on My App from the Apps menu at the top, then click Create Apps to create your new app

Choose the type of app you want to create

Step 3

Then, redirect to the app creation page. Fill out Display name, Email for your app.

Step 4

Next, on the Basic*8 page, enter the url in **App Domains, Site URL and URL Privacy Policy fields. They should match with the current hostname

Step 5

On the Advanced page, get the Valid OAuth redirect URLs from our Social Login settings in the backend

Step 6

As the Step 5, at Facebook Login > Settings: copy Valid OAuth redirect URLs and paste in the Share Redirect Domain Allow List field.

Step 7

Add Permissions & Verification by going to App Review and select Permissions and Features:

Step 8

Access to the Basic page, get, and insert APIs into API fields in the extension’s settings in the Admin console.

And that’s it!

If for some reason you still can’t manage to create an application for Facebook, you can ask for support.

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