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How to view and manage products in feed

After successfully creating a feed, click View Product, the system displays a list of products imported into the feed as a grid view.

The system will initially show a list of recently imported products, including the following attributes:

  • Title: Product name. Clicking on the product name will redirect you to the product detail page in the Shopify admin to edit or view product information.
  • Google status: Approval status of a product on GMC.
  • Issues: Any errors related to a product returned from GMC.
  • Action: Option to delete a product from the feed.

The Product screen reports errors about the Google account or Feeds if available.

Search product: You can search by entering keywords into the textbox. The system will query according to the entered value and display the results below.

Filter product: Filter products by Google status.

Sort by: Sort products in ascending/descending order according to the criteria Title, Price.