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GDPR principle was created to protect customer data. In a nutshell, GDPR establishes a clear set of rules about which regulations businesses can operate in relation to the process of executing customer data. With these new rules, boundaries are easier to understand for both businesses and consumers, which will facilitate earning money and retain customer loyalty.

In order to capture the EU data protection standards, Mageplaza has released a new extension for this standard. That's the GDPR module. Magento 2 GDPR module will assist you deleting customer data permanently, to ensure your GDPR regulation compliance.

Note: Update GDPR to the higher version here

How to Configure

From the Admin Panel, go to Store > Settings > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > GDPR

Check in General to learn the basic configuration of the module

  • In the Enable field: Choose "Yes" to turn the module on.
  • In the Allow Delete Customer Account: Choose "Yes" to allow customers can delete their account by themselves.
  • In the Delete message field
    • Enter the message displayed when customers are going to delete their account.
    • Custom message is supported by HTML code.

  • In the Allow Delete Default Address field: Choose "Yes" to allow customers can delete their default address.

Must-have extensions for your Magento stores


Mageplaza’s GDPR extension allows using Rest API to view configuration.

Details can be viewed here.

Instructions for creating Integration tokens here


Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

composer require mageplaza / module-gdpr-graphql

php bin / magento setup: upgrade

php bin / magento setup: static-content: deploy

To start working with GDPR GraphQL in Magento, you need to:

  • Use Magento 2.3.x. Return your site to developer mode
  • Install the Chrome extension (currently does not support other browsers)
  • Set GraphQL endpoint as http://<magento2-3-server>/graphql in url box, click Set endpoint. (e.g.
  • The mutation Mageplaza supports is creating customer requests,etc. Details can be viewed here.