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In the market, you want to expand your business in different countries to meet your customer's shopping demand. With Mageplaza's new Geo IP extension, you can automatically identify customers' locations based on their IP addresses, contributing to improving the shopping experience of customers from many different countries.

How to configure


From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Store Switcher > Configuration > Mageplaza Extension > Geo IP Configuration, choose Geo IP Configuration section.

  • Enable Geo IP: Choose "Yes" to enable the feature of Geo IP that helps you verify the customers countries.

  • Token Please create account and get license key here. Click button Generate new license key

  • Fill license key description> Select Yes> Select information below> Click Confirm

  • Copy the License key and fill in the Token field of the extension

  • Download Library: Click on Download Library button to download the library of Geo IP. Please download library before enabling it.