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Google Analytics

User Guide Magento 2

How to know the increasing of traffic to a website in this week? How much is the conversion rate of visitors into customers in this month? Google Analytics is the great support tool to answer those question clearly with logical information and since then, you can evaluate the development potential of your business effectively.

Before using Google Analytics in Magento, it is necessary to get tracking ID by creating a new account from Google Analytics Homepage.

Set up in Google

  • Fill out required account information

Click on Get Tracking ID button below to complete your registration.

  • Get Tracking ID and write it down into Magento Configuration

Set up in Magento

After installing Google Analytics, login to Admin Panel > Google Analytics > Sales > Google API

  • Choose Yes in Enable field to use Google Analytics functionality for your store.

  • Insert the tracking ID number you get from the above into Main Tracking ID field.

Especially, the second tracking ID is available for more convenience. If you do not need it, let leave empty.

Configure Google Analytics’ functionalities

Go to Admin Panel > Google Analytics > Settings

Select Yes for each functionality if you want to apply them for your analytics.