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Multiple Coupons


Magento basically does not support applying multiple coupons to a Cart. Mageplaza Multiple Coupons extension will help you solve that problem. This module supports applying multiple coupons in 3 commonly used pages including Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page, Admin Order Page. Customers can use all the coupons they have to receive the maximum discount. With this wonderful experience, store will retain loyal Customers and entice more new customers. Bu that increase store revenue significantly.

This extension is fully compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout

Download and Install

How to use

1. Shopping Cart page

2. Magento Default Checkout page

3. One Step Checkout page

4. Admin Order page

How to Configure

1. Configuration

From the Admin panel, go to Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza > Multiple Coupons

  • Select Enable = Yes to enable the module

  • Apply for: Select Page to apply Multiple Coupon

  • Coupon Limit Qty:

    • The coupon limit can be used for 1 Cart
    • Please note that with different coupon types, when used at the same time, the coupon is applied in order from the beginning to the end or until the subtotal reaches 0
    • If left this field blank or equal to 0, the coupon number can be used unrestricted

Unique Coupon Code:

  • It is helpful to avoid multiple discount coupons used in the same cart as the owner may suffer loss
  • When the specific coupon in this field is applied, all other coupons will be canceled (including before or after the unique coupon)
  • For multiple coupons, the customer needs to remove unique coupon

2. How to create a coupon

To create a coupon, admin needs to go to Marketing> Promotions> Cart Prices Rule

Please see details guide here


Multiple Coupon extension supports API integration with Rest API commands of Magento. By using the available command structures to check the order information, invoice, credit memo, admins can quickly capture the details of an order. See the details about Rest API Magento here

View the supported API from here

The instruction for creating Integration tokens can be seen from here