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Store Switcher


Store Switcher will automatically guide international customers to the respective store, providing a language and currency that is appropriate for their country. Also, it brings more convenience for customers when they go shopping on your online store with great experiences. All are integrated into a new extension of Mageplaza. It's Store Switcher for Magento 2.

In order to take full advantage of Store Switcher features, users need to install Mageplaza's Geo IP extension as well. The module will help you identify your customer's countries and then redirect customers to the relevant store views. This feature of Geo IP will improve the shopping experience of customers when they can purchase at the appropriate store views.

Download and Install

How to configure

1. Configuration

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Store Switcher > Configuration > Mageplaza Extension > Store Switcher, choose General Configuration section.

  • Enable: Select Yes to enable the Module.

  • Allow visitors save switched store view:

    • Choose "Yes" to use the feature Allow visitors save switched store view.
    • If Yes is chosen, a popup will be shown to visitors to ask if they want to save the switched store view for the next visit. Save customer choice (popup when manually changing store view)

2. Manage Rules

2.1. Grid

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Store Switcher > Manage Rules.

  • This section will record all created rules with the basic info as: Name, Status, Type, Countries, Created Date and Update Date, etc.
  • Admins can perform some actions:
    • Delete: Choose the rule that you want to remove
    • Change Status: Tick to choose the rules that you want to change the stauts, select "Running" to use the rules
    • Edit: Click to choose "edit" on the rules that you want to edit the content
    • Also, admins can filter, change the store view, hide/show the grid. Choose Add New button to create a new rule

2.2. Create New Rule

How to Create New Rule

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Store Switcher > Manage Rules, select Add New button in the right corner.

2.2.1. General

  • Name: Enter the name of the rule
  • Status: Choose "Enble" to use the rule
  • Priority:
    • Enter the priority for the rule
    • The lower the priority, the higher the priority. 0 is the highest priority.
2.2.2. Conditions

  • Countries: Select the country to apply the rule. Multiple countries can be selected at the same time.
  • Page Type: Select the page you want to display the rule:
    • Specific Pages: Select the specific page to display rules. It will show 2 more fields:
      • Apply by path of URL: Enter the Url path to apply the rule. For example: /blog/, /onestepcheckout/.
      • Exclude by path of URL: Enter the Url path to exclude the rule from displaying the selected path.

Note: If the rule is both Apply by path of URL and Excluded by path of URL, then the rule will not be applied.

  • All pages: Show rules in all pages.

  • Home pages only: Show only rules at Home page.

  • Exclude IPs: Enter the IP address in the Exclude IPs field. The IP address that you entered will not apply the rule to that IP address.

  • Search engines to ignore: Enter the browser type and user agents to ignore and not apply rules to that browser. It is possible to enter multiple browsers at the same time and separated by (,).

2.2.3. Actions

  • Type: Choose the type that you want to redirect to the rule

    • Redirect to a URL: It will show more fields:

      • Redirect to a URL: Enter the Url into the Redirect to a URL field. The rule will be redirected to the selected Url.

      • Store Views: Select Store View that you want to redirect to

      • For example: If you enter as or, your website will be redirected to

    • Redirect to a Store View/Change Currency: It will show more 3 fields:

      • Redirect to a store: Choose the store view. The rule will be redirected to show on the selected store. Multiple stores can be selected at the same time.
      • Change Currency to: Choose the currency in this field and show the currencies with the selected store.
      • Redirect Only For The First Access Time: Only apply for redirecting Store Views and Currency one time at the first access
      • How to change Store View: This field allows choosing the store view.
        • Manually: If Manually is selected, a notice will be shown to ask if visitor wants to change the store view which suits with the current location.
          • Notice customer to manually change store view.

  - `Automatic`: If Automatically is selected, the appropriate store view will be auto-switched without any advanced notice or permission.

Geo IP

Note: To use all of Store Switcher features efficiently, users need to install Mageplaza's Geo IP extension as well. You can install it via composer with the following command:

composer require mageplaza/module-geoip
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Store Switcher > Configuration > Mageplaza Extension > Geo IP Configuration, choose Geo IP Configuration section.

  • Enable Geo IP: Select "Yes" to enable the Geo IP feature that helps you identify the customer's country, and then redirect the customers to the relevant view store.

  • License Key: Please create account and get license key here. Click button Generate new license key

  • Download Library button: Click on Download Library button to download the library of Geo IP. Please download library before you enable.