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SEO-Friendly URL

Download & Install

You can download from the following resouces:


SEO Friendly URL helps store owners generate search engine friendly URLs for any pages filtered by the layered navigation or any category page.

Why do you need SEO-friendly URL?

  • Filter options can create unoptimized filtered pages URLs. For example, when customers select "Allweather" and "price", the filtered results will be :

  • Filtered pages, therefore, created duplicate content, as they have the same meta and description as the category page. If Google is allowed to index or follow these pages, your ranking will be highly affected. This SEO-friendly URL can solve the problem by stopping Google from doing that.

1. Configuration

Login to your Magento 2 backend, then select Stores > Settings > Configurations > Mageplaza Extension: SEO friendly URL and follow our given guide below to complete SEO configurations:

  • General Configuration
  • SEO-friendly URLs for Attributes
  • Add Attribute code
  • Add Filter Key
  • Allow Google to index the Category Page with the Filter Applied
  • Allow Google to follow links on the Category Page with the Filter Applied
  • Attribute URL Alias

1.1. General Configuration

  • Select Enable = Yes to activate the module to optimize the store URLs by making URLs short and clean.

  • For example, when filtering Men > Tops > Jackets > Climate > All weather, this is the result if you set Yes - the selected attribute is included and can be easily located.

  • If you set No:

1.2. SEO-friendly URLs for Attributes

  • Select Yes to apply the SEO-friendly feature for attributes. To configure more in detail, please go to Stores > Attributes > Product > {attribute_name} > SEO friendly URLs to set for each attribute you want.

1.3. Add Attribute Code

  • Select Yes to add attribute code to the URL scheme.
  • For example: “allweather” > “climate_allweather”

1.4. Add Filter Key

  • Customers enter filter key to add to the URL scheme if necessary,
  • For example: climate/allweather -> shopby/allweather

2. SEO friendly URL for Attributes

2.1. Generate SEO friendly URL

  • Use Config Settings: Apply selection in the configuration section
  • Select Yes: Generate SEO friendly URL for this attribute. If filtering based on the attribute Heavy Duty, URL will be optimized, for example, jackets-women/heavyduty.html instead of jackets-women.html?style_general=121

2.2. Allow Google to index the Category Page with the Filter Applied

  • Select No: Stop Goolge from indexing pages with filters applied by handling meta-tag robots.

  • Select No: Stop Goolge from crawling filtered pages by handling meta-tag robots.

2.4. Attribute URL Alias

  • Customers can enter custom URL alias for this attribute if necessary. If you leave the field blank, the attribute code value will be used instead.

  • The field is set as No by Default. It is only activated when installing Mageplaza Layered Navigation Pro module.
  • Select Yes to add rel as “nofollow” to the URL of filtered option.