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What is Layered Navigation?

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension is the advanced sitemap you can show on online store. It includes full of product attributes your customer need to filter the desired items and purchase them quickly. Especially, integrating Ajax technology allow showing all search results instantly on the current page without reloading the whole page.

Our User Guide will provide detailed instructions to know How to use Layered Navigation on the frontend and How to Configure Layered Navigation on the backend.

Layered Navigation Professional version userguideLayered Navigation Ultimate version userguide

How to Use


After enabling the module, Layered Navigation is shown with a list of product attributes on the left of the category page.

Download & Install

You can download from the following resouces:

How to Configure

  • Login to Admin panel, Mageplaza > Layered Navigation > Configuration
  • In the General Configuration, Choose "Yes" in Module Enable to turn the extension on. No means the vice versa result.
  • Click red button Save Config to save change.

1. Filter by multiple attributes

  • Open the product attribute section and choose one option as need.
  • Similar to other product attributes.
  • Display the matched items via Ajax Loading.
  • Add the favorite items to cart.
  • You can also filter by multi-choose from multiple categories at the same time

2. Price Slider

Price Slider allows sliding flexibly the bar to define price range instead of entering manually.

3. Enable Shop by

Shop by section will list all filter activities for the displayed results.

4. Hide Filter Attributes by Category

From the Admin Panel, go to Catalog > Categories

Hide Filter Attributes on Layered Navigation: allow hiding attributes selected in the filer of the category

For example: Select Price in the Jacket category, on the front end, Price will not appear in the filter part

Note: To apply the filter attributes, you have to turn Anchor to Yes. See guide here.

5. Render Categories Tree

From the Admin Panel, go to Stores > Attributes > Product, choose category_ids > Display Properties

Render Category Tree allows showing category filter tree

  • No: does not show Category filter tree

  • Full Category Tree: shows full of Category filter tree
  • Custom Category Tree: allows users Category filter tree

  • Expand Subcategories > Click: Filter is only shown when users click to expand
  • Expand Subcategories > Auto: Fitler is automatically fully shown

  • Category Tree Depth: Category Tree is shown with the number of selected layers

  • Categories Level:

  • Root category: Category Tree is shown from the root category

  • Current Category: Category Tree is shown from the current category

  • Current Category Childrens: Category Tree is shown from the current category children

  • Expand Subcategories: If you choose Click, filter is shown when the user clock to expan. If you choose Auto, filter is automatically fully shown.